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Why should I choose Kindermusik for My Child?


Research shows that children who are exposed to music at an early age have a significant head start to total development of both mental and physical aspects that continue on as they grow older. We increasingly develop and enhance our music and movement curricula by integrating the most recent childhood development research displaying that active participation in a music program is a compelling stimulant for a child's total human development. You and your child will love singing, playing instruments, dancing, exploring literature while learning to listen in an active, intentional way. Parents appreciate that we educate them as to

the reason we incorporate specific activities and how they benefit the mental and physical growth and development of their children.

What should I bring to class?


Bring your smile, your voice, and your excitement to watch and learn.  Shoes will be left outside the classroom door. Socks are required, so as

not to spread unnecessary germs.  Babies can be nursed or bottle-fed in class, but please leave other food and drink in the front entrance or

back room. Baby blankets and pacis can be used for our youngest learners. 

What if I miss a class?

We offer make up classes in the level of curriculum your child is

currently enrolled in, subject to availability and class size due to space. Simply complete our make up request form on our website including all information such as date, location, class level, day and time you would

like to attend and we'll arrange it for you.  


What is Kindermusik Home?


Unlike most other music classes for young children, Kindermusik is

designed to be more than just a once weekly experience.  That's why Kindermusik puts so much time and energy into making books,

instruments, and activities for home use. We currently offer Digital Home Materials to have with you at all times through for

all classes except Kindermusik for the Young Child which has physical

home materials. To access these digital materials, you must set up an account using your email address and a password.  Once this is done,

you have the option to download a "shortcut" app to your home screen

of your mobile device for quick access. All materials are purposefully integrated to provide the fullest and finest musical learning experience available for the entire family.  


How do I make a "shortcut" app for my digital material?


iPhone Users - Open your safari browser and login to your account.  At the bottom of the screen, click the "Share" button.  Then click "Add to Home Screen."  You have the option to change the description of the icon

and when you are finished, click "Add."  You should now see a

Kindermusik at Home icon appear on your home screen.


Android Users - Open your Chrome browser and login to your account.  Click the 3 dots at the top of the screen, which is the "more" menu.  Click "Add to Home screen"  The icon should now appear on your home screen.


Now you have full access to your At Home material at the click of a button, and you will stay logged in so less time is spent finding your

child's favorite song!

What is your inclement weather policy?


If "the weather outside is frightful", classes will be cancelled on a case by case basis.  You will receive a text message from us regarding your

child's class. We will do our very best to make up any classes missed due to inclement weather, most likely they will be added to the end of the current session.


Can I join after classes have started?


Of course!!! Come on in! Our classes are designed so that you child feels welcomed and loved, joining at any time during the year. We will simply prorate your tuition if you begin after the beginning of the current



Are Kindermusik classes beneficial for children with special needs?


Absolutely! Each year we are blessed by children with different variations of special needs in our classes. Not only do these families find our

classes therapeutic, they are in turn blessed with beautiful memories of their child participating and being included in a group activity with

other children in a collaborative atmosphere.


What if my child is not participating in class?


Each child has their own unique learning style, just like we do. We encourage you to allow your child to learn in their own way, even if it is different from your own style. The mover, for example, needs to explore the room.  While the observer desires to sit back and watch and take it

all in. The listener needs to be as distraction free as possible. By allowing your child the "space" to learn in their own unique way, you are helping increase their level of comfort in class. Once their comfort level begins

to rise, their brain will open up for optimal learning. This typically

occurs around week 6. The "magic" starts to take place and you will

find your child becoming more active and participating more.


Can I bring a sibling to class?


In an infant or young toddler class, our main concern is safety.  Is it preferred that older siblings do not attend. We know that once in a while you may need to bring an older sibling. They may sit and play in the parent area, if old enough to be left unsupervised. We do have a half

wall separating the two areas where you can see in and check on them throughout class if needed. If they are able to be included in class

without being disruptive, that is also allowed.  However, if neither of

these options are possible you may skip class and make it up at a later date. Please text or message us and let us know if you will be bringing a sibling with you so that we can be prepared. Please use your best judgement. In a toddler class, younger siblings may come and sit safely

in a car seat. Once the infant is mobile and mutually determined that

they are safe to attend the toddler class, you will be charged 1/2 tuition

for the baby. All siblings are welcome to attend the Family Share Time

the last 10 minutes of our Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 (Young Child)

classes. We also offer a Mixed Age Class to accommodate growing

families with multiple children!

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